To celebrate the release of Monster Cubes we are giving away a huge array of Pokémon cards. Early buyers will have a chance at receiving WOTC era cards.

Not just bulk either... Lucky buyers have the chance to acquire holographic base, jungle, fossil, gym, rocket and E-reader series cards!  

We have a limited number of Slabs to give away!

We have Mint Base set starters!

We have a reverse holographic Mewtwo from Expedition!

We got Base Set Ninetales, Raichu, Clefairy, Poliwrath... and so many more!!

Koga's Beedrill anyone? Maybe you'll get a NM gold stamp Brock's Vulpix?

Post you pulls on the website and leave your review of the product.

If you need graded storage there is no better time to buy a Monster Cube! 

See below for photos of the actual cards on offer