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Monster Cubes

Monster Cube Blank - Top Loader/One Touch

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Level up your collection game with this XXL storage case. Houses 128 Slabs

Introducing the Australian owned Monster Cube!

The original Monster Cube boasts an aluminium and hard plastic exterior offering top quality protection for your precious graded cards. 

The interior consists of high density EVA foam, cut precisely to fit PSA, BGS, CGC, TCG and CGA slabs. When the case is closed and locked the memory foam ceiling compresses tightly against the cards leaving no wiggle room, and no room for damage.   


  • Hard case exterior
  • Lockable latch for safety
  • Smooth rubber handle for comfort
  • Cubes hold 64 slabs (measured by PSA standard slab size)
  • XL Monster Cubes hold 96 slabs (measured by PSA standard slab size)
  • High density EVA foam interior 
  • Top quality memory foam interior ceiling 
  • Original art designs on each case!
  • Rubber legs to stand and display the case

Monster Cube - Dimensions 

(Length x Width x Depth) 25cm x 29 cm x 17cm

Monster Cubes XL - Dimensions

(Length x Width x Depth) 35cm x 29 cm x 18cm

Monster Cubes Extra Large - Dimensions

(Length x Width x Depth) 80cm x 29 cm x 18cm


Monster Cubes offer THE BEST graded card storage on the market and they look amazing whilst doing it!