Monster Cubes is a brand new Australian company that started in October 2021. We here at Monster Cubes have the dream of becoming the marque trading card storage company in the entire world. Passionate about all things collecting and heavily linked to the Pokémon communities, we have created and designed a case that we feel is unrivaled to any other. 

With the recent boom in card collecting we ourselves felt our personal slab collections begin to pile up! With the need for safe storage and organization becoming more of a necessity we aimed to provide to answer to everyone's prayer. 

And so you have the Monster Cube... We don't mean to brag, but these things look AMAZING!! There will be a consistent and ever changing array of designs on offer and while we specialize in Pokémon and the NBA we will be branching into Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic and Baseball very shortly. Not to mention our artists are offering custom cube designs. That's right.... tell us what you want on your Monster Cube and we can design it for you! (visit the custom designs page).

We the creators of Monster Cubes are well entrenched in the card collecting community, and have been for some time now (some of you may even know us personally). We feel our love and passion for the hobby gives us a powerful and unique understanding of what the desires of the community are and how we can fill the needs of everyone involved.    

We want to thank everyone for the love we have received so far! none of this is possible without you... Get amongst our launch offers, FREE cards come with every Monster Cube purchased, the early bird will get the worm. Keep an eye out for more of our giveaways in the coming weeks and please provide us with all the feedback in the world.


Introducing Monster Cubes